Charise Kamps Murder - Did Wrong Brother Do Time?
Jun 24, 1980 – Madison, WI
Charise Kamps is found dead in her third-floor apartment, she had been strangled, raped, and mutilated. Kamps had spent the evening together with friends, including Ralph and Steve Armstrong, drinking and doing drugs. Ralph Armstrong was charged with rape and murder. He was on parole at this time in New Mexico on a sodomy conviction and four rape convictions. Armstrong admits he was in Kamps' apartment, but he said he didn't kill her.

In 1981 Ralph Armstrong is found guilty and sentenced to life in prison plus 16 years starting a soap opera of denials, requests for a new trail, and claims of misconduct that would last for decades. Charise M. Kamps (19)
Ralph Armstrong (28)

July 31, 2009 – Madison, WI
Dane County Circuit Judge Robert Kinney ruled that harm done to Armstrong by misconduct by prosecutors can't be fixed and the charges should be dropped. Murder charges against Armstrong were thrown out. Prosecutors are considering an appeal, which will delay Armstrong's release from prison. Armstrong also still faces charges on a separate crime in another state.