Yandel Castillo-Castillo Murder
July 9, 2012 Madison, WI
Yandel Castillo-Castillo died from "major blunt force trauma caused by a motor vehicle." His father, Jesus Castillo-Dimas, deliberately struck him and his mother with his SUV, backing up and running over the boy a second time. Police arrived to find Yandel still pinned under the rear driver's side wheel.

In a confrontation Castillo-Dimas had told the mother, "You'll see what is going to happen to you and your child." He then got in his SUV and accelerated and drove at them.

Castillo-Dimas got out of the SUV with a knife and tried to cut and stab the mother saying "I'm going to kill you." She suffered puncture wounds to her neck.

Castillo-Dimas laughed at his former girlfriend and taunted her as she kneeled over the dead boy's body. "There's nothing you can do now, neither one of us are going to have him now" "I told you you would pay for it"

Yandel Castillo-Castillo (2)
Jesus A. Castillo-Dimas (30) First-degree intentional homicide and attempted first-degree homicide in connection with this incident.
Maria del Rosario Castillo-Castillo (20)
2111 Red Arrow Trail