Madison Bigamist Kills and Dismembers a Wife
Oct 9, 1926 – Madison, WI
Already married and with 3 children in Madison William Coffey marries again to a Platteville woman, Hattie Hales. Four weeks later in a fit of anger he kills Hattie, dismembers her body, and buries body parts in different holes.

Jan. 28— “William N. Coffey confessed in Bratton Wood near Platteville, Wisconsin, at noon today that he had dug up the head of Hattie Hales after burying it in the woods, took it to one of the bridges at Dubuque and threw it into the Mississippi River. Searching parties made up of Wisconsin authorities and volunteers found one of the woman’s thighs, her two hands, the two forearms, both feet and other parts of her body in four shallow holes. “

William N. Coffey – Madison bond salesman
Hattie Sherman Hales (53)