Debra Bennett Murder
July 21, 1976 Madison, WI Unsolved
The charred and decomposed remains of Debra Bennett were discovered by land assessors in a gully along Old Sauk Pass Road, outside Cross Plains.

An autopsy revealed that Debra had been dead for at least 10 days, but the exact cause of death was unknown. A fractured collarbone and dental records had enabled her identification. Soon after her discovery, investigators learned from friends that she had recently been evicted from her apartment and had been staying in a room at the Cardinal Hotel in downtown Madison. A native of Ridgeway in Iowa County, Debra had only lived in the area a short time. Investigators had no suspects and very little evidence to go on. In a mysterious twist, three weeks after her body was found, the key to her room was mailed to the hotel. There was no note, return address, or any identifying marks.

A week later Debra's 58 year old father passed away after a long illness. A joint funeral was held for the two in Dodgeville.

Debra Bennett (20)

One of the Capital City Murders         Debra is interred at East Side Cemetery - Dodgeville, Wisconsin