Donna Mraz Murder
July 2, 1982 Madison, WI Unsolved
Donna Mraz was stabbed repeatedly outside of what is now Gate 4, on the north end Camp Randall Stadium just after midnight. She was on her way home from the State Street restaurant, The BitterSweet, where she worked as a waitress. The killer left behind her money, paycheck, and keys, and there was no indication of sexual assault. Lt. Gary Moore of UW Police said "She never regained consciousness. For all intents and purposes, the young lady was dead when she hit the ground."

Another student heard screams looked out a window. He saw Mraz running and then fall to the ground, he never saw the killer.

Two years afterward, Donna's body was exhumed to compare her teeth with bite marks of a possible suspect in prison. No arrest was made and the suspect later died.

Donna Mraz (23) 1717 Van Hise Ave.

One of the Capital City Murders

The Department of Justice distributed playing cards in 2011 to inmates in to state prisons and
county jails in the hope that an inmate with knowledge of a case would come forward.

Each card featured a photo of a missing person or homicide victim and information about their case.

Two versions of the cards: one of Milwaukee cases and one with cases from other parts of the state.