James Kries & Edward Dettinger Murder Terry Lemke & John Kippert in 1990
James Kries (23)
Edward Dettinger (26)


Jun 1, 1990 Madison, WI
Terry Lemke murdered

Blunt Force tramma to the side of the head and a penitrating injury to his neck.

Killed @ 475 Marigold Ln. (Trailer park)

Unreported and unknown until Martha Henriksen told police over a year later.

James Kries led police to his grave near Paoli, WI

Terry Lemke (41)

Aug 19, 1990 Madison, WI
John Kippert murdered

Single gunshot to head at Pitcher's Pub 323 W. Beltline Hwy

John E. Kippert (33) 1044 Moorland Rd.