Gunder Felland Murder
Oct 28, 1933 Madison, WI
Shot. An innocent bystander at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Back from being a pallbearer at the funeral of Albert Braaten, Felland decided to take some coffee and doughnuts to the group of farmers who had been picketing for days at the corner of 51 and Sun Prairie Road (E. Washington Ave.)

A truck came down the Portage Road toward Sun Prairie Road, followed closely by a Pontiac automobile. They slowed at the intersection, and one of the picketers threw a stick that broke a headlight in the truck. Both vehicles headed toward Madison.

Later the truck and the car returned. Two men jumped out of the car, and one man out of the truck. A confrontation began with the picketers. Felland got out of his car and walked toward the commotion. There was a scuffle, and one man ran back to the car and came back with a gun, fired wildly, and the bullet hit Felland in the throat.

The three men ran back to their vehicles and sped off but their license plate numbers were taken.

Frank McCorison (21)
Jack McCorison (24)
Harvey McCorison (26)

Gunder Felland (60)