Janet M. Raasch Murder
November 17, 1984 Madison, WI Unsolved
Deer hunters in the town of Buena Vista found the body of a partially clad young woman in a wooded area southeast of Highway 54. The body was eventually identified as that of Janet M. Raasch, a University of Wisconsin student. A business major in her third year at the UW, Raasch had worked at the DeBot Center on campus. Friends had reported her missing on Oct. 15, but she was last seen on Oct. 11, 1984, when a friend dropped her off on Highway 54 in the town of Buena Vista, about two miles west of where her body was found. Decomposition made it difficult to determine the exact cause of death and the coroner was unable to pinpoint the time of death, saying she could have died a week to 10 days before her body was found.

Janet M. Raasch (20)

One of the Capital City Murders