May 16, 2018 – Madison, WI

Rayshawn Jackson - Murdered, Shot

Died at the scene - Madison - Outside an apartment building on Waunona Woods Ct. near the intersection with Lake Point Dr.

Killer Antonio R. Gentry

Jackson’s father was in a group that included Gentry when Jackson drove up in his vehicle. He said many knew that Gentry and Jackson were arguing over a woman, so Jackson’s father told his son to leave. Gentry then walked up with a gun in his hand and began arguing with Jackson. Jackson ducked and turned his head away after Gentry pointed the gun at him, then Gentry shot him in the head. Gentry continued to point his gun at Jackson and pulled the trigger two or three more times but it wouldn’t fire. Gentry wanted to shoot Jackson in the face so he couldn’t have an open casket at his funeral.

Gentry pointed the gun at Jackson’s cousin but it continued to malfunction and didn’t fire as Jackson’s cousin ran away. Gentry then tried to fire his gun at Jackson’s father as he tried to help his son but the father said he heard only clicking sounds. Jackson’s father retreated behind a dumpster and witnessed Gentry taking money out of his son’s pockets and then spit in his face as he lay motionless on the ground. After approaching several witnesses in the area to give him their vehicle keys, Gentry tried to shoot a man who said he didn’t have keys, but, again, the gun wouldn’t fire. An angry Gentry repeatedly tried to clear the malfunction but couldn’t get the gun to discharge.