Kelly Nolan Murder

2007 Madison, WI Unsolved

  • May 18 Kelly Nolan moves to Madison from UW-Whitewater for the summer and sublets an efficiency apartment at 434 W. Mifflin St.
  • June 23 She leaves the Lava Lounge at bar time. A man told police he started walking Nolan back to the West Mifflin Street apartment she had sublet for the summer when the two ran into a second man who claimed to know Nolan and offered to escort her home.
  • June 24 Family reports Nolan as missing to the Madison police. Searching for Nolan Madison police send divers into Lake Mendota near the Union Terrace, comb the campus area, and send Nolan's photo and information to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
  • July 9 A signal from Nolan's cell phone leads searchers to a patch of woods in the town of Dunn. Her body is found on private property near a quarry northeast of Schuster Road. Police treat the case as a homicide.

    Police have never given out any information on how Nolan died.

    Kelly Nolan (22), Originally from Waunakee


  • The Department of Justice distributed playing cards in 2011 to inmates in to state prisons and county jails in the hope that an inmate with knowledge of a case would come forward. Each card featured a photo of a missing person or homicide victim and information about their case. Two versions of the cards: one of Milwaukee cases and one with cases from other parts of the state.