Omar Haban-Megahed, how did he die?

Jan 27, 1998 – Madison, WI

Evergreen Cemetery - Fort Atkinson, WI

Omar Haban-Megahed was found dead by his brother in his Monroe Street home. The official cause of death was undetermined, but his mother believes he was murdered. Authorities initially assumed that Omar died of a drug overdose, despite the insistence of friends and family that avid bicyclist did not use drugs. Tests eventually confirmed this.

Investigators have always been unwilling to answer questions or release any information. When forced to release blood samples it was reviled that it had been stored improperly and could no longer be tested.

After obtaining the autopsy report, which required hiring a private investigator, it showed there was mastoid bleeding like he’d been hit on the back of the head. There was also trauma in the whites of the eyes.

Omar Haban-Megahed (28)