Marty Narvaez Shooting

Mar 1, 2018 – Madison, WI

Marty Narvaez, 35 - Shot

Killer Charles Daehling

Died at the scene - Madison, Chase Bank 4513 Milwaukee St.

Narvaez’s head and face were covered with a black cap and black mask as he briskly stepped to a window where a teller was already helping a customer, stuck a bag under the window and demanded money but never displayed a weapon, according to a 124-page Madison police report and video surveillance footage of the incident. Daehling was already standing up from a chair in the bank’s small lobby and pulling a gun from his waistband when Narvaez reached the teller. He then took about four steps toward Narvaez and, without saying a word, shot him once in the back from about 6 feet away. Narvaez had been released from federal prison six years before, after doing almost 10 years for robbing Wisconsin Community Bank in Middleton in 2002.