Paula McCormick Murder
Mar 1, 1982 – Madison, WI
One of Madison's most brutal crimes, the torture, sexual assault, and murder of 10 year old Paula McCormick. Paula's home was two blocks from Lincoln Elementary where she was in the third grade.

Paula was walking home when Roger Lange, who lived nearby, offered her $1 for 5 minutes of babysitting, then kidnapped and killed her. Her body was found in a plastic bag in a 10' by 12' storage unit two days later. She was assaulted after death.

When questioned about Paula’s disappearance, Lange, who would eventually plead insanity, denied he was responsible but said he was psychic and had a vision that her body would be found bound and gagged in a box in a rented warehouse in Monona, exactly as she was found.

Paula McCormick (10) 825 Ridgewood Way
Roger A. Lange (27) 2201 Cypress Way
Lincoln Elementary School - 909 Sequoia Trail
Storage Warehouse (#79) - 6414 Copps Ave.

1958 – Menomonie, WI
Roger Lange’s mother, Caroline, had three children, all boys. Roger is the only one she didn’t kill, smothring the other two with a pillow.
      David Robert Lange - Sep 20, 1958
      James Raymond Lange - Dec 27, 1958