Dorothy Paige killed by Melvin Parker
Aug 23, 1994 – Madison, WI
Dorothy Paige was found stabbed and strangled to death in the bedroom of her apartment. Her body was found naked in her bed with stab wounds to the chest and a slit wrist

Dorothy Paige (34) - Allied Drive

Jul 6, 2011 – Suspect In 1994 Slaying To Stand Trial

The man accused of killing a Madison woman in 1994 will face a jury trial this fall. If convicted, Melvin Parker faces life in prison for the killing. Parker and Paige were neighbors and acquaintances.

Investigators said that Parker was a "person of interest" in the case since 1994 and was formally charged in the case in 1998. However, they said that a key witness – Parker's wife, Michelle, left the state and prosecutors subsequently dropped the charges.

Police charged Parker with first-degree intentional homicide in April after the Madison Police Department’s Cold Case Review Team developed more evidence and Parker's ex-wife came forward to testify against him.

Pushed to the front of the courtroom in a wheelchair, Michelle Parker testified that her then-boyfriend, Melvin Parker, told her in grisly detail how he killed their neighbor, Dorothy Paige.

Michele Parker testified that she and Melvin Parker had lived together and that he called her from Paige’s apartment the night Paige died, telling her to come over. Once there Melvin Parker kept telling Paige to tell Michele Parker what Paige had done, and threatened Paige with a knife.

“He was mad, he was very upset,”. She said Paige cried but didn’t reply.

When Melvin Parker came home, he had blood on his hands, shirt and pants. He changed clothes, and they drove to the end of Allied Drive, where Melvin Parker tossed a garbage bag containing his blood-stained clothes from the car.

The next morning, as police canvassed neighbors, Melvin Parker seemed to take delight in making a game of it. After police left he told her that he had cut Paige “like a deer.”

Oct 7, 2011 – Cold Case Suspect Pleads No Contest To Lesser Homicide Charge

Melvin Parker Sentenced To 17 Years In Prison