Man Stabbed and Killed Over Jukebox Music

Sept 3, 2008 – Madison, WI

Roselawn Memorial Park - Monona, WI

Two groups of men began arguing over jukebox music in the Plaza Tavern & Grill, and continued the fight outside. Juan Bernal would be stabbed twice in the heart by Justin Stout, dying the next day.

Plaza employee’s say the two men left the bar, then waited outside for Bernal. He was stabbed right outside the bar's front door after he came out to have a cigarette.

After the stabbing, bar patrons followed Stout and Travis Knapp, and eventually held Knapp until police arrived. Knapp then led police to Stout's Downtown residence, where he was arrested.

In 2005 Bernal attacked a bartender at the Good Times Bar, 57 S. Stoughton Road, after the bartender told Bernal the tavern was closing.

Juan J. Bernal (22)
Travis C. Knapp (34)
Justin R. Stout (31)
Plaza Tavern & Grill – 319 N. Henry St.