Shirley Stewart Murder – Unsolved
Jan 2, 1980 – Madison, WI
Shirley Stewart went missing after leaving her job at the Dean Clinic.

July 1981 – Madison, WI – Unsolved
The body of Shirley Stewart was found in a wooded area in the town of Westport. Her body was very decomposed and Deputy Coroner Donald Scullion was unable to establish the exact cause of death

Shirley Stewart (17)

One of the Capital City Murders         Shirley is interred at St. Bernard’s Cemetery in Middleton


Nov 24, 2010 – Madison, WI
A Capital Times investigation found that of 10 unsolved murders being investigated by the Dane County Sheriff’s Office, the Madison Police Department and University of Wisconsin Police Department dating back to the pre-DNA decades, at least four have been compromised by the mishandling of evidence. While police officials say recent advances such as bar coding and restricting access to evidence storage areas have improved their ability to keep track of items that could potentially tie a suspect to a crime, a lot of evidence over the years has, for various reasons, been destroyed or simply lost.

In the Stewart case, skeletal remains were turned over to a funeral home at an undetermined date, and in 1981 a 12-gauge shotgun shell, thought at the time not to be connected with the case, was destroyed.
In October 1988, a bra, a Timex watch and hair found at the base of Stewart’s skull were destroyed.