“Motorcycle Gang” Kills & Mutilates Prospect
Apr 28, 1987 – Madison, WI
Thomas Steffes was a prospective member of the Satan’s Dragons motorcycle gang. Never mind that none of them actually owned a motorcycle. “We’re poor people, motorcycles cost money”.

After Steffes made some comments during initiation that irritated one of the members, four of them decided to take him for a walk and teach him a lesson. When they got him down the block they dragged him through some bushes into a vacant lot at the corner of Catalpa Rd. & Magnolia Lane on Madison’s south. There Steffes was kicked, punched & stripped, and then they strangled him with a belt. After he died his body was mutilated with a knife and his genitals cut off.

Thomas Steffes (22)

Gerald Muehlenbruch (30) – Charged with murder
Kenneth "Tex" Riscen (31) – Charged with murder
Larry James Womack (18) – Charged with murder
William Maheu (40) – Charged with murder
Lemuel "Pops" Smith (54) – Leader
Bev Maheu