One Teen Dies of Overdose, Plot to Kill Another

Jun 7, 1987 Madison, WI

Highland Memory Gardens - Madison, WI

5:45 a.m. Officer Cameron McLay of the Madison Police Department was dispatched to 1558 Simpson Street, Apartment 7, regarding a possible drug overdose. Officer McLay saw Tricia Schuh on the floor of the apartment, paramedics were applying cardiopulmonary resuscitation. McLay spoke with Richard Ales who told him that it was his apartment but he had been asleep in his bedroom when Todd D'Antoni knocked on his door asking him to call an ambulance.

Todd had given cocaine to Schuh, and Rebecca Reynolds. Schuh later died. Todd was charged with distribution of a controlled substance to a person under eighteen years of age. Rebecca Reynolds was to be the prosecution's key witness.

While Todd was incarcerated in the Dane County Jail he met Ricco Ferguson. Todd told Ferguson that he and his brother, Daniel D'Antoni, had arranged for someone to be paid $10,000 to murder Reynolds. Ferguson offered to commit the murder himself for less money, although he never in fact intended to do so. Dan told Ferguson that he had spoken with Todd and that he was working on getting a picture of Reynolds but didn't have one yet. Ferguson met with law enforcement officers that same day and agreed to cooperate in an investigation of the plan to murder Reynolds.

Over the ensuing few days, Ferguson had several telephone conversations with Todd, Dan and Richard Ales. All of these conversations were recorded on tape. Ales met twice with Ferguson, once to give him some money, and once to show him where Reynolds lived and to give him a description of her.


Todd D'Antoni was convicted and sentenced to 40 years
Daniel D'Antoni - Convicted of conspiracy to kill a government witness and sentenced to 5 years
Tricia Schuh (15)
Rebecca Reynolds (14)
Richard Ales - Convicted of conspiracy to kill a government witness and sentenced to 5 years