Spence Motel Murder
April 11, 1997 – Madison, WI
One of the most brutal killings in Madison history. Brandon Grady beat, stabbed and performed an “autopsy-like” mutilation on Emma Bacon.

He told Madison Police investigators that he went to the Spence Motel, 3575 E. Washington Ave., and picked an escort service from the Yellow Pages, AAA Action Escort.

He swung at her with a small sledgehammer he'd bought earlier in the day, but missed. She screamed, then he swung again, striking her in the forehead. He hit her repeatedly in the head, then began to remove her clothes. As he was about to have intercourse with her he stabbed and cut her with a 6-inch knife he'd also bought that day.

Then he had sexual intercourse with her mutilated body. At some point he wrote on her leg with her own lipstick, “An eye for an eye and a life for a life.”

Then he dialed 911 and was still on the phone when Madison police officers arrived. They say he stood with his hands in his pockets, breathing heavily and staring at Bacon's bloodied body.

At first he tried to portray himself as a witness who happened to be passing by Room 19. But soon he gave a full account of the murder.

Brandon Grady (22)
Emma Bacon (20)