Luis Vasquez – Three years old, killed by his mother
July 3, 2011 – Madison, WI
Maria Castillo-Dominguez was convicted for throwing her 3 year old son, Luis, against a wall at their home because he had disobeyed her and took some gum. She then failed to get proper medical care for him as his condition quickly worsened. Eventually she and her boyfriend took him to Meriter Hospital, later the boy was transferred to UW Hospital, where he died.

Doctors also indicated they noticed bruising on the boy's left arm, left leg, under his chin and on his left hip, and more than three dozen hemorrhages in each of the boy's eyes, which was indicative of abuse.

Castillo-Dominguez first made up a story that he fell and hit his head, then tried to blame her boyfriend, Juan Florencio-Ramirez, for inflicting the boy’s fatal injuries. At UW Hospital, Castillo-Dominguez’s story about the cause of Luis’ injury changed several times before she confessed that she threw Luis against a wall for taking the gum. Two other times when she was told by doctors over the phone that Luis had not passed brain death tests. She exclaimed, “I killed my baby, I killed my baby.”

Authorities believe Castillo-Dominguez told Florencio-Ramirez that she was going to blame him for Luis’ death and told him to leave the state. At her trial she tried changing key elements, such as the timing of the boy’s symptoms, to make Florencio-Ramirez seem the more likely culprit. But her version of Luis’ condition was contradicted by medical experts who testified that the symptoms of his head injury could not have occurred the way that Castillo-Dominguez said they did. Florencio-Ramirez was not charged in the case. He was at work when the injuries were thought to have been inflicted.

Luis Angel Vasquez (3) Injured on June 30
Maria Castillo-Dominguez (22) Lake Point Drive apartments - 13 years in prison
Juan Florencio-Ramirez

Two days after the boys death the neighborhood would endure a second tragedy when two boys who lived right across the street would be killed by their mothers boyfriend.

Lake Point Drive (Formerly Simpson St)