Nov 13, 2015 Madison, WI

Thomas Edward Dreger, 70 - Murdered, Shot

Killer Sophea "Bruce" Mouth got 25 yrs, and 20 years in prison and 10 years of supervised released for shooting and paralyzing Gregory Pongratz

Madison - Outside of Freeport Auto, 2001 Freeport Rd.

Madison - Sunset Memory Gardens

Dreger sustained three gunshot wounds, including one to his face. In March, Dreger filed for foreclosure, stating that Bophia So, in whose name the purchase was being made, was not making all of the required payments for the property. The foreclosure was granted in September. A 45-day redemption period ended at midnight Friday, and Dreger went to the shop to try to evict Mouth from the property, according to a search warrant filed Monday.A witness told police that Dreger and Mouth argued verbally before Mouth, without warning, pulled out a handgun and shot Dreger and the other man, Gregory Pongratz.