Jun 27, 2017 – Madison, WI

Christ E. Kneubuehl, 56 - Murdered

Killer (Nicholas Ivy 25 years in prison, Xavier Fleming 15 years)

Madison - Culver’s 2102 W. Beltline

Kneubuehl agreed to cut open a safe with a grinding tool, Karofsky said, to safely and quickly end the incident. Afterward, he began to experience symptoms of a heart attack, but Ivy refused to let anyone call for help because he was still removing money from the safe. “Once Mr. Kneubuehl was in distress they would not stop,” Karofsky said. Fleming apparently tried to get Ivy to leave so others could call for help, she said, “but Mr. Ivy was not going to stop that robbery, even after being alerted to the fact that Mr. Kneubuehl was in distress. What Mr. Ivy said was, ‘Dude gonna have to wait.’”