Apr 11, 2015 – Madison, WI

Jacob Daniel Payne, 23 - Murdered, Stabbed/Slashed/Beaten

Killer Juan Aguilar-Vargas, Rudy Alberto Ramirez-Milian

Madison - Lake Mendota near Governor's Island

4260 Acker Rd. living out of his truck.

Stabbed 31 times and slashed with a knife 12 times. One of the stab wounds penetrated Payne’s skull and Payne had also suffered blunt force skull fractures. Payne’s body was found in Lake Mendota near Governor’s Island by a canoeist. Payne had been working for the state Division of Criminal Investigation and the federal Drug Enforcement Agency as an informant, buying cocaine. Authorities say the two men stabbed Payne to death, then used Ramirez-Millan's gray Ford F-150 pick-up truck to take the body to Lake Mendota, where they weighted it down with a chain and steel I-beam, and left it in the lake where it was discovered on Saturday. The sheriff's office says Ramirez-Millan became a person of interest early in the investigation. He was booked into the jail on Sunday by state Department of Justice agents on unrelated drug charges. At the time, his hands were badly cut and bandaged, injuries authorities feel are consistent with knife wounds. Authorities say Ramirez-Millan and Payne got into a fight at the Acker Road garage that night. Aguilar-Vargas, a friend of Ramirez-Millan's, also got involved and the two men stabbed Payne multiple times. After putting the body in the lake, detectives say the two suspects returned to the Acker Rd. location where they cleaned up and disposed of evidence, including the two knives used in the homicide, along with Payne's cell phone and wallet.