Sep 13, 2017 – Madison, WI

Lee Anne Pirus, 50 - Murdered, Shot

Killer - Her husband, Steven Pirus

Madison - 7806 Stratton Way Madison

Pirus blew up his house to try and hide the fact that he killed her. She was killed before that, her decomposed body was found in the rubble. Police said she had been dead for weeks or months. They put her death at between March and September. Pirus after he eventually confessed said it happened between July 30 and August 12. He first said she committed suicide, then later said he shot her in the head after she begged him to end her life of anxiety and depression. Pirus also told police he had communicated almost daily with a Russian woman named “Olga.” An analysis of a tablet computer belonging to Pirus found messages between Pirus and Olga indicating that she was going to come to the United States and they were going to get married.