Feb 23, 2015 – Madison, WI

Cory Pulliam, Infant - Murdered

Killer Corey L. Holly

Madison - Cory was taken to Meriter, but as his condition deteriorated he was transferred to UW Hospital.

Fitchburg - 3600 block of Breckenridge Ct.

During the ride to UW Hospital, Cory stopped breathing and was pronounced dead at UW. An autopsy found that the infant died from blunt force trauma to the torso. The Dane County Medical Examiner also noted broken ribs and a lacerated liver. Cory’s mother, Susan Pulliam (deaf), told police that Holly had been out all night, and when he came home in the morning he took Cory from their bed, put him in a car seat and put the car seat into a portable crib in the bedroom. Pulliam said she fell asleep, and when she woke, Holly handed Cory to her. She noticed that Cory was quiet and lethargic. She tried giving him a bath in the kitchen sink to rouse him, but when she undressed him she noticed that his abdomen was bruised. Holly at first denied that he had anything to do with the death, but he later admitted that he had “lost it” and squeezed the boy because he would not stop crying. Told police that he was a murderer and that he deserves whatever happens to him. Calling the injuries a Fitchburg man inflicted on his girlfriend’s son “horrific,” a Dane County judge sentenced the man to 20 years in prison Thursday for causing the boy’s child abuse death.