Oct 24, 2013 – Madison, WI

Brayden Turnbill, 5 - Murdered, Beaten

Killer - Dakota Black, mother's boyfriend

Madison - UW Hospital/American Family Children’s Hospital

1948 Barrington Cr., Sun Prairie

Monona - Roselawn Memorial Park

Dakota Black was found guilty of first-degree reckless homicide for killing Brayden Turnbill, son of his girlfriend, at the Sun Prairie home where they were living. In addition to his brain injury, Brayden had bruises on his chest, including some described by prosecution experts as having been made by a looped cord, and one made by a punch to the stomach. Brayden first was taken to the St. Mary’s Hospital emergency room in Sun Prairie, where a medical scan found a severe head injury. He was taken by helicopter to UW Children’s Hospital, where he underwent emergency brain surgery.