Madison Streets
Wisconsin Ave.
E. Washington Ave.

Thursday December 6, 1934 Wisconsin State Journal
“One hundred years ago today the US government land survey party headed by Orson Lyon came up what is now S. Hamilton St., running a section line along that route, and drove the stake to make the section corner exactly under what is now the center of the capitol dome. Then they blazed and scribed two oak trees, one about 40 feet, and one about 60 feet from the center stake.” The state conservation department brought down two trees to stand in the capitol rotunda in exactly the same position where these trees were located.
December 7, 1934 the same party came up what is now Mills St., along that section line and established the section corner exactly under where President Frank’s office now is. Then they ran a line from this section corner (on University Hill) along what is now State St.
Sunday, December 21, 1919 Wisconsin State Journal
“The first two roads leading out of Madison were one from the Capitol square until the site of the “Old Brooks Home” on University Ave. at the corner of that avenue and what is now Brooks street” The road the forked “One fork running southwest toward Green county and the other continuing westward to the Ft. Winnebago highway”
“The road which turned at the Brooks corner continued south and westerly until it reached the end of Lake Wingra (Dead Lake) where it again branched”
“… past Lake Waubesa and the southern end of Lake Monona and thence, by way of the old trail used by Black Hawk, past what is now Elmside and turning at Schenks corners came into Madison, crossing the Catfish where the Williamson street bridge is and thence to King street.

State Journal - Madison's Streets - Dec 21, 1888