2012 Car Hits Family Having Picnic, Kills 7yo Boy
2012 Four Young People Die in Fitchburg Crash
2011 Crash kills three in Cottage Grove
2011 McArthur kids
2010 Three Young People killed in a Crash by Drunk Driver
2009 Tyrone Adair
2009 Two Girls Die When Boys Crash Stolen Car
2008 Three Die in Med Flight Crash
2008 Three UW Students Die in Car Crash
2008 Father Kills Mentally Handicapped Son, Then Himself
2007 Three People Electrocuted Outside Metro Bus
2007 Four Die in Trailer from CO Poisoning
2005 Two Boaters Vanish on Mendota, One is Never Found
2004 Car Crash Cigarettes
2004 Woman's Suicide Causes Two Others to Die
2004 Quadriplegic Man Drowns Strapped to His Wheelchair
2003 Verona shooting
2003 Gentry
2002 Exposure to Algae Kills Teen
1999 Shaina Davenport Death
1999 Car Crash, Olsen Family
1999 East Side Fire Kills Mother, Two Children
1999 State owned plane (Oakdale)
1994 North Side Apartment Fire Kills Two 5 Year Old Boys
1991 East High Girls Run Over by Epileptic Driver
1990 Fire Kills Five Children, as Mother Flees
1989 Aaroen fire
1989 Car Crash Illinois
1988 Middleton car crash
1988 Four West High Students Die In Firey Crash
1983 Ambulance Keys Stolen on Halloween, Man Dies
1980 Fire, Koshel/Kasper
1980 Car-Ped from Illinois
1979 Three Young McFarland Children Drown in Construction Ditch
1979 Two UW Football Players Die in Off Season
1979 Two Teens Found Dead in Car After 6 Week Search
1975 Waubesa boats crash
1974 Windsor car crash
1974 Lewis Double Suicide
1973 Allen Hall Fire Kills Three
1971 Five Young Girls Die in Westport Fire
1970 Fire Kills Two Children on East Side
1967 Otis Redding Plane Crash
1967 Bodies of Nine Girls Arrive at Truax Field
1967 Two Young Girls Killed by Car
1966 Three-Year-Old Killed by Elephant
1966 Two Boys Suffocate in Refrigerator

1966 Strangls kids, hangs self
1966 Car Crash Myres
1965 Lange drowning (Minn)
1965 Belcher
1964 Car Crash Massey Family
1963 Drowning Trumpy Strudell
1962 Gates-Orsburne Drown
1962 Plane Crash (Chippewa Falls)
1961 Car Crash Bride Best Man
1960 Car Crash (Iowa)
1960 Car Crash Convertible
1955 Animals
1953 Crash Kuyk Walt
1952 Low flying plane
1952 Four Die in Three Car Crash
1950 Drowning DeGregory Stoudt
1949 Drowning Two Kids
1948 Auto Accident
1948 Fire Kills Mother and Three Children
1947 Car-Train Sefkar
1945 Father and Son Overcome by Gas
1944 Mother Dies Saving 2yo Son in Fire
1940 Four Die as Taxi Hit by Train
1939 Oven Crashes Through Floor, Kills Two Firemen
1938 Two Young Boys Go Through Ice on Lake Mendota, Drown
1936 Four Men Drown in Lake Mendota
1936 Three Kids Die When Sled is Hit by Car
1935 Boy Starts Fire With Matches, Dies With Grandmother
1934 Two Children Die in Shed Fire
1933 Father & Son Drown as Car Breaks Through Ice
1933 Parents, Daughter Overcome by Gas
1931 Plane Crash at Madison Airport Kills Three
1930 Teen Tries to Save Brothers From Drowning, Two Die
1929 Mother Kills Herself, Toddler
1929 Homemade Boat Goes Under, Five Men Drown
1928 Car Goes Through Lake Mendota Ice, Man & Bay Drown
1928 Mother Tries to Save Daughter, Both Drown
1918 Flu Epidemic Shut Down City For Weeks, Many Die
1916 Woman Shoots Herself, Toddler
1916 Strong Winds Blow Iceboat Into Open Water Three Men Drown
1905 Two Young Boys Drown After Going Through Lake Mendota Ice
1903 Iroquois Theater Fire Kills Hundreds, 5 Madisonians
1898 Explosian of a Boiler in North-Western Roundhouse Kills Three
1893 St. Regina Academy Fire Kills Three Young Girls
1886 Explosion of a Boiler in CM&StP Roundhouse Kills Three Men
1883 Capitol Collapses During Expansion, Six Men Die
1860 Fire on Shanty Hill Takes Five Lives