Odd Headlines
2010 Man Leaves Toddler With Corpse While He Goes to Work
2009 Flying Monkey Punches Former UW Basketball Player and Flees
2009 Pair Let Woman Die To Go Out For Pizza
2008 Turkeys Go Postal, Attack Postal Workers
2008 Supreme Court Decides Sex with Corpse Against the Law
2008 Dane County Deputy Locked in Tunnel Overnight
2007 Madison Police Chase Stolen Doughnut Truck
2007 Man's Remains Buried Nearly 40 Years After he was Killed
2007 Jesus Starts Home on Fire to Crucify it
2007 Man Breaks Into Sex Shop, Steals Blow Up Dolls
2006 Two Men Found in Car Underwater, After 45 Years
2004 Students Sue Bars for Price Fixing
2002 Rhino Bones Dug up Near Picnic Point
1997 Caskets Found as Workers Demolish Mausoleum
1997 His Heart Was Stolen - Literally Stolen
1993 The Bog That Ate The Union Terrace

1989 Cross Dresser’s Skeleton Found in Chimney
1984 Ed Gein Quietly Dies at Mendota Mental Health
1979 Statue of Liberty Appears in Lake Mendota
1977 Minister Refuses to Leave Jail When Pair Attemps to Post His Bail
1977 Elvis Presley Breaks Up Fight at Gas Station
1973 Eddie Ben Elson and the Comet Kohoutek Scam
1970 Madison Teen Stuns Nixon With Anti-War Comment
1960 Monkeys Escape Vilas Zoo
1954 Madison Man Dies in Stunt Gone Wrong
1933 Wisconsin Capitol Collapses - Again
1921 Man Leaves Tombstone to Nieces
1918 Human Remains Unearthed on Bascom Hill
1891 Woman Dies Hearing News of the Death of a Young Friend
1889 4th of July Cannon Kills for a Second Time
1871 4th of July Cannon Kills
1842 Legislator Kills Legislator During Session