Royster-Clark Inc.

902 Dempsey Rd.     Built 1947
Madison, WI
In 1947 380-foot building was erected, railroad tracks were laid and the FS Royster Guano Company began. In 1952, the first fertilizer was produced, a process that continued for 54 years.

In 1980 it was bought by Universal Tobacco Leaf, then by a Danish firm. In 1991 the firm went bankrupt and in 1992 a group of former Royster employees bought the company. Meanwhile, the Clark company had also gotten into the fertilizer business and by 1983 sales hit $40 million. In 1992, the two companies merged to form Royster-Clark.

Agrium, a Canadian firm, acquired Royster-Clark in 2006 with intent to demolished the existing building and develope housing and retail space. As of spring 2009 nothing has been done