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Local Landmark: Madison Landmark
A Madison landmark designation provides protection. The Landmarks Commission has the power to stop demolitions of historic landmarks.

State Landmark: Wisconsin State Register
The Wisconsin State Register of Historic Places parallels the National Register. However, it is designed to enable state-level historic preservation protection and benefits. Most of the properties in Wisconsin listed in the National Register are also listed in the State Register.

National Landmark: National Register of Historic Places
Properties are listed in the National Register of Historic Places because of their association with significant persons or events, because they contain important information about our history or prehistory, or because of their architectural or engineering significance. The National Register also lists important groupings of properties as historic districts.

The National Register is primarily an honorary designation, but it does provide tax credits for rehabilitating certain properties. It also provides a 30-day delay of demolition to give the State Historical Society time to photograph a structure.

National Landmark: National Historic Landmark
Properties that have significance to the nation as a whole receive the status of National Historic Landmark by the Secretary of the Interior.

Madison's National Historic Landmarks: