Bellevue Apartments

29 E. Wilson St.     Built 1913-14     Madison Landmark     National Register

The city's first luxury apartment building. The two available floor plans, one-bedroom apartments of varying size.

The larger apartments included a large living room with fireplace, a dining room that holds the “dressing room,” a small galley kitchen, a compact bedroom, a sun porch and a large bathroom.

The smaller units did not have the dining room or dressing room, and the living room was slightly smaller.

In 1913, advertisements for the Bellevue mentioned the building's “luxuries,” including an electric passenger elevator, on-site food service, a central vacuum system, a private phone system, built-in bookcases, soft hot water, a garbage disposal system and an elaborate, “modern” laundry system. A few of the units still have clawfoot tubs.