Stoner House

321 S. Hamilton St.     Built 1855     Madison Landmark     National Register     Italianate

In 1983, Madison Newspapers Inc. (now Capital Newspapers) gave the Wisconsin Architects Foundation the Joseph J. Stoner house. It was vacant and in serious disrepair at the time. They moved the house one hundred feet north of its original site and, in October 1984, completed an architecturally and historically sensitive renovation.

Among the residents of the home over the years were Varley and Ellen Bond, who lived there from 1922 to the 1950s. Bond came to Madison in 1907 to operate F.W. Woolworth's, and managed several department stores in Madison during his career. In 1921, when Manchester bought out Keeley-Neckerson, he was one of the original stockholders, serving as secretary-treasurer of the company until 1933, then vice president.

Does Varley Haunt the Stoner House?