Breese Stevens Field

917 E. Mifflin St.     Built 1925, 1934     Madison Landmark 1995     Mediterranean Revival     Claude and Starck

Built on land sold to the City in 1923 by the widow of former Madison Mayor Breese J. Stevens. The grandstand was built in 1925, the stone walls were built by the Civil Works Administration, a New Deal jobs program in 1934.

Until the 1960s the stadium was the city’s premier athletic facility. As the only athletic field with lighting, it hosted the semi-pro “Madison Blues” baseball team, Badger baseball, all five high school football teams, midget car racing, circuses, boxing, and wrestling, among other events.

In 1982, Breese Stevens was rehabilitated and converted into a soccer facility.

In 2002, a Breese Stevens neighborhood planning committee helped determine the future of the facility. The panel recommended that the field remain a venue for soccer games. The City Council approved $1.3 million for the renovations as part of the city's 2007 budget.