Stephen Vaughan Shipman
Architect & Civil War Hero
  • 1825 1905 Interred at Forest Hill Cemetery
  • Came to Madison 1855
  • Crippled for life in April 1863 at Whitewater Bridge when he led forty men againsta force of 3,000 confederate soldiers.
  • Three of his designs opened on the Square in 1871; Park Hotel, US Post Office & Park Savings Bank.

    Shipman Designs that still exist:
  • American Exchange Bank
  • Fire Station #2/Castle & Doyle Building
  • Willet S. Main I Building

    Some Shipman Designs that are gone:
  • 1st Park Hotel
  • Old Post Office on the Square
  • Dome of 2nd Capitol
  • Wisconsin State Hospital for the Insame 1857
  • 1st & 3rd Ward schools 1857