Sid Boyum (1914-1991)
The unofficial “Mayor of Atwood Avenue”. Sid’s artwork filled the backyard of his Waubesa Street home for many years. Kids liked to climb the sculptures so Sid built a big polar bear chair for the front yard so the kids would climb on that and stay out of the back yard. Boyum died in 1991 at age 76.

Boyum's son, Steve, donated 13 of his father's concrete sculptures to the city. It was one of the largest donations of art to the city in Madison's history. They will be spread all over the Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara neighborhood.

Sid was a lifelong friend of Alex Jordan Jr., developer of the House on the Rock, and Sid served as chairman of the attraction's corporate board for several years. He also took many photos for the brochure.

1 Polar Bear Chair

2 Muti-Tiered Pagoda

3 Blue Dragon Urn &
4 Smiling Mushroom

5 Creature Abstract

6 Blue Tripod

7 White Lantern

8 Geometric Abstraction

9 FuDog Lantern
10 Dignified Figure with Tablet (inside Lowell Elementary School's mini-forest courtyard)

11 Easter Island Head

12 Tree Spirits (Wilsons)

13 Hippopatamus

14 Fantasy Seahorse

15 Diana (in the rear yard of the Riley House, privatel)

16 Biomorphic Form (in the rear yard of a Dunning Street home, privatel)

17 African-influenced Sculpture (in the rear yard of a Talmadge Street home, private)

18 Six-Sided Red Lantern (lobby of Hawthorne Branch Library, E. Washington Ave.)