Robert D'Angelo
Robert D 'Angelo Former Civic Center & Overture Center director Convicted in February, 2008 on federal fraud charges at age 63 June, 2008 A woman says former Overture Center director Robert D 'Angelo raped and physically assaulted her in 1998 when she was 19 after promising to help her career. The woman, now 29, also said in a sworn statement that D 'Angelo assaulted her again in 2001. D 'Angelo abruptly retired in September 2005 after a long-time employee filed a sexual-harassment complaint against him. He headed Madison 's performing arts centers the Madison Civic Center and later the Overture Center for 15 years. The former arts administrator began serving a one-year prison term at a minimum-security federal prison camp in Duluth on May 23 after pleading guilty to evading federal income taxes and illegally running lucrative private businesses out of his taxpayer-funded office. With good behavior he could be released in about 10 months. The woman 's allegations of sexual assault are backed by two friends, both of whom said she reported the alleged assaults to them around the time they happened. The woman, who asked to remain anonymous to protect her privacy, said she has no plans to pursue criminal or civil charges against D 'Angelo. Criminal charges, in any event, aren't an option because of the time that has elapsed since the alleged assaults. Citing city records, the State Journal reported in 2005 that D 'Angelo had acknowledged forcibly kissing two intern applicants in 1991, actions for which he was reprimanded, ordered to undergo psychological counseling and threatened with termination if he repeated the behavior. D 'Angelo also was criticized in a December 2005 city report compiled after his retirement for creating a "dysfunctional " workplace at Overture with his frequent off-color jokes and "inappropriate gender-insensitive comments. " The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunities Commission in Milwaukee is continuing to investigate allegations by Monica Everson, former longtime receptionist at the Civic Center and Overture, that D 'Angelo engaged in a decade-long pattern of physical and verbal sexual harassment against her. Everson still works for the city of Madison. According to police reports, two city employees, including Everson, have taken lengthy medical leaves from the city, citing stress caused by their dealings with D 'Angelo. "He did a lot of damage," said Everson 's attorney, Linda Harfst, of Madison.