Richard Lloyd Jones
  • Born 1873, in Janesville, WI
  • Attended the University of Wisconsin from 1893 to 1894
  • In 1905 he and his employer, Robert Collier, purchased the farm on which Lincoln was born near Hodgenville, Ky. Jones then organized the Lincoln Farm Association, collected some $400,000 and established a historical site which included the restored cabin in which Lincoln was born.
  • Brought the Lincoln Statue to the University of Wisconsin.
  • Purchased the Wisconsin State Journal in 1911 and moved back to Madison to become the newspaper's editor and publisher. At first, Jones was a fan of legendary Wisconsin politician Robert “Fighting Bob” La Follette, and he helped promote progressive causes in his newspaper.
  • Jones then brought in William T. Evjue to be one of his editors. But after six years, the two clashed -- Evjue supported La Follette's opposition to American involvement in World War I; Jones ripped La Follette for his stance. That led to Evjue leaving the State Journal in 1917 to start The Capital Times.
  • In 1919, Jones sold the State Journal to the Lee Newspaper Syndicate.