Robert Marion "Fighting Bob" La Follette Sr.
1855 Born June 14th
1879 Graduated from the university of Wisconsin
1881 Married Belle Case December 31st
1885-1891 U.S. Congressman 3rd District
1895 Son Robert Jr. born February 6th
1897 Son Philip born May 8th
1901-1906 20th Governor of Wisconsin
1906-1925 Wisconsin Senator
1908 Candidate for Republican nomination for President.
1916 Candidate for Republican nomination for President.
1924 Ran for President as the nominee of his own Progressive Party, carrying Wisconsin and 17% of the national popular vote.
1925 Died of cardiovascular disease June 20th. Interred in the Forest Hill Cemetery.

  • A 1957 Senate committee selected La Follette as one of their five greatest Senate predecessors.
  • A 1982 survey of historians asked to rank the "ten greatest Senators in the nation's history" based on
          "accomplishments in office" and "long range impact on American history," placed him first,
          tied with Henry Clay.
  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison is home to the Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs.
  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison has dedicated part of a student dormitory as La Follette House.
  • The Robert M. LaFollette House on Broom street is a Madison Historic Landmark.
  • The Robert M. LaFollette House, in Maple Bluff, Wisconsin, is a National Historic Landmark.