Albert G. Schmedeman, Sr. - Mayor & Governor
  • Born in Madison Nov 25, 1864, Died Nov 26, 1946
  • Madison's 41st Mayor 1925 - 1932
  • Wisconsin's 28th governor 1933 1935

    He attended the Northwestern Business College and began working in a clothing store here. He also served as a member of the City Council and School Board. In 1913 he was the treasurer for the Democratic State Committee and supported Woodrow Wilson for president. Wilson appointed Schmedeman minister to Norway, a post he held for eight years. He served as Madison's mayor from 1925 until 1932, at which time he won the governorship. While campaigning for a second term, Schmedeman fell and hurt his foot. Gangrene developed and he lost his leg. His bid for re-election failed.