Art Paul Schlosser
Art Paul Schlosser, known to everyone as just Art Paul, is a State Street icon and local celebrity. Art Paul started singing on State Street in the mid-1980s playing the guitar, ukulele and kazoo. Today you can add songwriter, author, artist, cartoonist, and television host to his list of credits.

Originally from Chicago, Art Paul came to Madison in 1971 at age 11. He's produced 7 CDs, 21 cassettes, a book of poetry, numerous paintings, and hosts an open mike show is called "Talent/No Talent" on WYOU. He also authors a hand written newsletter called "Art's Garbage Gazette."

Art Paul is often featured on the nationally known "Dr. Demento" radio show. He’s had an art exhibit at the Madison Hostel, his cartoons have appeared in the Daily Cardinal.

In 1996 he ran for president of the United States with his cartoon character Buddy Holly Cheese Head.

January 5, 2002 married artist and graphic designer Robin Good at the Sunrise Community Church on State St. The couple had a son April 24, 2002

Book of poetry titled “Lights of Insight”

Some of Art Paul’s Songs:
  • Pink Pants
  • Purple Bananas on the Moon!
  • I Want to Be Madonna
  • Venison Christmas
  • My Cat Was Taking a Bath
  • Have a Peanut Butter Sandwich
  • You're the Only Dandelion in My Whole World (I Don't Want to Pick Another Flower)
  • Dead Skunk Perfume