The Womens Club
Founded February 22, 1893 by women whose abilities and desires to contribute to their community had been stifled under the sexist constraints of the time.

Members included many whose names are familiar to us today Tenney, Atwood, Olin, La Follette, Frautschi, Findorff, Elver, Marling and McVicar.

In 1906, the Woman's Club commissioned architect Jeremiah K. Cady to design a home for the club. The building still stands at 240 W. Gilman St.

  • Established kindergarten in our public schools
  • Established playgrounds
  • Developed the school gardens in vacant lots
  • Assisted in establishing the Associated Charities, The visiting nurse fund & the visiting housekeeper
  • Brought milk inspection into Madison
  • Brought garbage collection to Madison
  • Started the movement for Madison General Hospital and raised most of the money