My Favorite Jokes
One Liners/Lists
Money for Nothing/200 Bucks
Excess Baggage/Illinois People
Driving Excitement/Cadillac
Camping/Outrun You
Canue/So much for your canoe
Clinton/OK, picture this
Confessional/I'm telling everyone
Confess Again/Five dollars and a candy bar!
FBI Hiring Test/Blanks
Fuck The Word
Judge/Talking to You
Lawyer Jokes
Soup/That's how far I got too
Ears/Can't wear glasses
Ole, Lena & the Genie/Wish they were here
Motel 6 Slogans
Voodoo Dick
Watermellon/Now two
What did you say/Ruining my life
Grandparents/Hammer/Screaming in his car
Mental Health Answering Machine
Toilet Paper Miracle/Ass

Indoor Golf Rules
Pickle Slicer
Where are you From/Tonto Kawalski
Trick-Or-Treating Better

Old Age
Old man and the Bear/Someone else shot bear
Driving/I'm Driving?
As I Mature

Beer & Drinking
Beer Quotes/Some Famous
Beer Vs. Religion
Beer Troubleshooting/Symptom Action
A Blind Man in a Lesbian Bar/Explain
In Bad Taste/6 Shots
God Loves Drunk People/Swing
Life/Beer is

Bring Your Aligator/Hit head
Bears/Pepper Spray
Missing Cigarettes/parakeet
The Goat/Railroad tie
The Penguin/Just Ice Cream
Bull/Same Cow
I Like Monkeys

Computer Problem Report Form
The Gender of a Computer
Microsoft Cars
Bill Gates/Demo
Husband 1.0
GirlFriend 1.0
Virus Warning

Special High Intensity Training
Employee Evaluations
Out of Office Replys

Men Vs. Women
Adam and Eve/Just a Rib
Woman Bashing/Seminars for Women
Woman, the Element
Man Bashing
If Men Ruled the Earth
Interpitations of the Sexes
Building a Bridge/Understand Women
Things a Woman will Never Say
Choosing a Wife/Biggest
Why It's Great To Be A Man
Guy Test
How to impress a Man/Woman
A Mans Perfect Breakfast
Rules for Women by Men
Words Women Use

Green Bay Packers/Little Redneck
Place a Call to God/Local
Packer Fan/at the funeral
Little Timmy/I'd be a Vikings Fan
Detroit Lions