Driving Excitement?
A big brand new Cadillac stops at a gas station in a small rural town somewhere in Alabama. A big new shiny car like this doesn't come by these parts often, so of course, it catches the eye of the attendant, We'll call him "Gomer". Gomer heads out the door to see if they need some gas or their oil checked. Gomer is unaware of who the driver of the car is, Arnold Palmer, one of the greatest golfers of all time. Gomer is only impressed by the car. He asks Arnold all about it as he walks around it over and over. When he looks inside the car he sees some tees sitting on the seat. Gomer asks what those little wooden pegs are for. Mr. Palmer says "They hold up my balls when I drive". To which Gomer replies,

"Man these Cadillacís, they have everything".