Confess Again
A Catholic Priest had been in confessions all day without a break. He really had to tke a shit, and his dick was about to burst off because he hadn't been able to take a piss all day. But people kept coming and coming to confess and lay bare their consciences. So he peeked out of his cubicle and signaled a janitor. He asked the janitor to cover for him gave him the confessions book, and sped off in the direction of the Bathroom.

The janitor was a little bewildered but he went into the cubicle and sat down. A woman came knelt in front of his window and said "Father I have sinned: I cheated on my husband." The janitor scanned in the book until he found "adultery". He told the woman to say 5 hail mary's and wash in holy water. Next came a man who told the janitor "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned: I sucked on another man's cock and.....I swallowed his cum!" The janitor looked and looked but he couldn't find a penance listed for oral sex. He leaned out of the cubicle and whispered to an altar boy: "Hey, boy, what does the Priest give for oral sex?"

          With a smile, the boy replied

                    "Five dollars and a candy bar!"