The Green Bay Packer Fan
A young man named Joe is very excited to finally have a ticket to a Green Bay Packers football game. He arrives at Lambou field but is dissapointed to see that his seat is way up in the back. As the game starts Joe notices that there is an open seat in the first row at the 50 yd line. He decides to go down and see if maybe he could sit there. When he gets down there he asks the old man next to the open seat if anybodys is sitting there. The old man says "

No, it used to be my wifes seat but she passed away" and then tells Joe to go ahead and sit down.

The two begin talking and the old man tells Joe that in 55 years this is the first Packer game that his wife wasn't with him. Joe says "

You know mister, I realize that this must be very hard for you but couldn't you have asked a friend or family member to come see the game with you?"

          To which the old man replies... No...

                    ... they're all at the funeral"