I remember one day dad was waiting for us when school got out. This was unusual because normaly we walked home. He told us there was a surprise for us at home. Deb and I were guessing what it could be and I said "We'll I know it can't be a dog because we wern't allowed to have pets where we lived. Dad said something like "We'll see". As I walked in the door I looked to the left as mom came out of the kitchen with a dog following her. This was the start of me becoming a life long dog lover. I can remeber when the maintenence guy for the church would come over to fix things he wouldn't look at the Droopy, he just pretended he wasn't there.

We could let Droopy out the front door and he would go down to the tracks. Seems like a bad idea now but he would always stay in the area not crossing any streets. He did get at least one dog pregnant along the tracks. When he was bored he would just come back to the house and sit in front of the door.

Droopy also got the dog, Bomar, next door pregnant.