We spent a lot of time with the Karls growing up. Connie is my mom's sister and her husband, Uncle "Pudge" (George). Kathey, Barbara, Georgia & Christine. We spent the night at their house, or them at our house a lot. They lived at 2716 Union St. most of our youth and then to E. Washington Ave. Today they live on South Ct.

Grampa & Gramma Hessler lived next door to them for a while. I remember visiting them a few times. There was a girl who was about me and Chris's age who lived across the street Teri Simerson. Don, Bill Polly and a younger brother Roeth lived a few houses down across the street. Don drowned in Law Park, lake Monona when we were in high school. Across from the Roeth's was a kid who was confined to a wheelchair, Larry I think, and the Pechems (Ann) next door to him. They boy in the wheelchair died in a bus accident. Apparently he was not secured properly in the bus.

The Karls had lots of animals. Besides the two dogs, Pepper and Brutus, they had Squirles, Raccoons, rabits.

  • Church & Parking lot
  • Super tall skinny line of trees that seperated their block and the parking lot behind.
  • East Side Shopping Ctr. Grocery store, Rennebohms
  • Striebers grocery on Milwaukee & Marquette
  • Their basement - Stamps, Furnace
  • Pudge built playhouse in back yard
  • We helped pick up Pudge's roofing sites at least once, Milwaukee street near Striebers
  • Pudge's dad lived on Oak St.
  • Kite left tied up.