Leroy "Pokey" and Ruth "Bobby" Knight

Ealiest memories are of their house at 113 N. Butler St. They were on the second floor (Maybe first also?) and had a small porch in the back that looked down on the gravel parking lot. We used to look through the gravel for fossils etc. They also owned a cottage on lake Kegonsa just down the street from the Sunnyside resort. Gramma was terrafied of water and refused to swim. Once Uncle Pudge grabbed her and pulled her in. She was scared but took it pretty well.

They lived at 3430 Lexington next, right by Hawthorne school. The school playground was right behind their house. I remember ice skating there one winter, even though I never liked being out in the cold.

Next it was 814 Powers Ave. I have a lot more memories of this place since I was older. They had a nice reck room in the basement. We played a lot of pool, sometimes ping pong. They also had a bar down there. We used to get together with the Karls every year in that basement for christmas.

Grampa built a deck around an above ground pool in the back yard. There was the backside of some big building across the fence. Grampa was very good working with wood, he built a lot of stuff.

We used to put together puzzels, play board games, card games (Kings Corners). We spent the night there a lot too. We always went to bed very early because thats they way they were. They had some masks on the wall that kinda freaked me out.

  • Grandma dieing of cancer, asking if gramps was building a coffin, Connie and Mom staying with gramps, gramma teaching gramps how to do the bills
  • Shatsie (dog)
  • Lake Kegonsa cabin & the Sunnyside, Big Tee pee on corner
  • Montello two cabins
  • Gramps - 10 Walter st. Spaini's