January 22, 1999 - My mom called me at work and told me Shaina had been shot. She wanted me to go to the UW Hospital to be with Kathy because it was going to take them a while to get there and I was pretty close.

Shaina was a pretty girl who had gone down the wrong path. She was only 14 when she died but already had a pretty long history of skipping school, running away from home and other problems. Kathy tried to control her but a rebelious kid tends to react more rebelious when someone tries to control them. Having a father who doesn't care about you must take a toll on a kid.

I was the first person from the family to arrive at the hospital. When I saw Kathy I asked her if Shaina was alright. Kathy started to cry and said "I don't know". Kathy asked me to make some phone calls to let people know what happened. I'm sure I made several calls but I can only remember talking to Connie, Kathy's mother & Shaina's grandmother. When I told Connie she needed to get down to the hospital Shaina had been shot, she just said very loudly, WHAT?! I'm sure there was more to the conversation than that but again it's all I can remember.

Shaina was comatose and never regained consiones. She was kept on life support for about a month before Kathy finaly agreed to take of off. I went up to the hospital several times to see Kathy, only went back to see Shaina once. I know some of Shaina's organs were donated.

Kathy made a list of Shaina's favorite songs and I put together a tape to play at the funeral. The funeral home was packed with people young and old. Kathy allowed Shaina's father, Dewey to sit up with the family. I think it was the right thing to do even though he never around for Shaina or to help Kathy. There was some creepy guy hanging around who very openly told everyone that he just liked to go to funerals. I wish that I had asked him to get the @%&* out of there but it wasn't worth causing a scene at a funeral.

There was at least one TV camera crew outside. I was a Pall Bearer and they showed a clip of us carying Shaina to the hearse.